Why do I need a brand?

For the sake of simplicity, let’s substitute the word “brand” with “reputation”. You care about your reputation, right? Well branding is all about making an impression. If you want to succeed, that impression should do two things: show you in a positive light and convey what is special about what you do.

Short answer: A solid brand differentiates you from competitors and creates a good impression on your customers.

I already have a logo, and I just need someone to design the (product packaging/business card/website/etc) for me. Can you do it?

Branding is a strategic process of many aspects, and product design is only one part of it. While we can help you with a specific design need, we are better suited for long-term, integrated services.

Short answer: Yes, we can. But, you will benefit more from our integrated branding service.

How long can I expect to see results from your branding service?

Branding is an intricate and long-term process. It’s almost like gardening: the seeds may not grow overnight, but inch-by-inch until one day you realize your plot has turned into a beautiful garden.

Likewise, the “grand result” of our work will be more evident in the long run. Some clients will see it in a year, others may take longer. But, it can always be measured periodically through customer engagement, sales growth, and so on. The more immediate results are mostly seen at the frontline: your business will have more consistent imagery and be better equipped to dealing with customers.

Short answer: The short-term results (a better and more consistent imagery) are felt instantly. The long-term results (sales growth, customer engagement, and so on) can take up to a year or more, depending on the case.

My business is in the service industry. Do I need branding too?

Whether you are selling goods or services, you can always benefit from branding. We would even argue that the service business has a more pressing need to uphold their reputation. A well-designed brand can help you make a positive impression on your customers and convince them that you’re the right man for the job.

Short answer: Yes! Whether you are selling goods or services, you care about your reputation, don’t you?

I am a freelancer, so I mostly work alone. Is it possible to create a personal brand for my services?

Yes. In fact, personal branding is how many public figures achieve their fame. Whether you work solo or in teams, branding can take you far.

Short answer: Yes. Just call us to get started!

Why did you refuse my job offer?

We believe that in order for a brand to succeed, all the parties involved must put in the work. We cannot work alone, your cooperation is greatly needed. If, after a reasonable amount of discussion, we cannot not see eye-to-eye, we may not be the agency you are looking for.

Another reason why we might refuse a job offer is when we think our service will not benefit your company. Perhaps your company is not ready for change, so we need to start slowly or delay the branding process.

Short answer: Sorry, but if we cannot synchronize our vision and mission then we might not be the branding agency for you.

I run my family business with my Dad. I want to invest in branding, but he doesn’t believe in change. If I hire you, can you promise to be discreet about our deal?

Building a solid brand requires the entire company to be on board with the project. Rather than keeping it a secret, we prefer to discuss things openly so we can reach a mutual understanding with all the parties involved.

Short answer: A solid brand only happens when everyone is on board. Let’s talk together with your Dad so we can convince him.

I am not familiar with social media or IT. Do we really need to use social media in our campaign?

In today’s digital age, social media is an integral part of our lives. They allow us to reach audiences in far-off places and speed up communications with our customers. Even if you are not too familiar with IT, don’t worry: we’ll take care of your brand’s online presence for you.

Short answer: If you want to compete in the global market, absolutely. But don’t worry, we will help you keep tabs on your social media accounts.

Your fee is so expensive! I can get another agency to do this for a cheaper price.

Branding is a long-term investment. It requires deep knowledge and years of expertise, which unfortunately do not come cheap (or easily!) It might seem like a hefty investment now, but what we are creating is a solid, competitive brand that will outlive your payment terms. So when you consider how much you are getting back, we think it’s a pretty fair deal.

Short answer: Our goal is to create a solid, competitive brand that will prosper in the market. It’s a tough job that requires deep knowledge and years of expertise, which unfortunately do not come cheap.

I am a small business owner, so please give me a discount.

All big businesses start small, and when you are still small the first steps are the most crucial. We like to think that our service is an investment for the future. It may seem costly now, but you are getting fair returns for your money.

Short answer: We put 100% of our expertise and passion into our work, so we cannot afford to give you half price. Sorry!

Can you give a breakdown of the figures in the quotation that you gave me?

Branding and the activities involved in it are dynamic and fast-moving. Our fee is inclusive of unexpected expenses and workload. For such reason, we are unable to provide you with a breakdown of the figures as it will take a long time and slow down our work.

Short answer: Sorry, we can’t. The process will take much too long and slow down our work.

I’m only just starting my own business. What do I need?

The most crucial thing you must have is clear vision and mission; you need to know where you are going and how. You will also need to secure funding (don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise!) and make the right investment. A solid team will back you up as you won’t have time to do everything alone. Finally, a good brand will help you gain traction in the market (call us!)

Short answer: A clear purpose, a detailed plan, and the right team to back you up. Call us so we can help you get started!

I don’t like your design style, it’s not glamorous enough. Make it more like this or that brand!

While we will strictly adhere to design principles, a “beautiful” design does not guarantee a successful brand. If you are selling low-cost products, it does not make sense to use luxurious packaging as it sends mixed signals to your customers. Our goal is to ensure all design elements are in tune with the brand image, regardless of our personal aesthetics sense.

Short answer: We always follow basic design principles but our goal is to ensure all design elements are in tune with the brand image, regardless of our personal aesthetics sense.

Can you guarantee that my brand will be #1 or our sales will triple in a month?

We believe that goals should be S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-related. Before we can promise you anything, we need to analyze your current brand condition. Only then can we set goals that are specific to your brand and a clear strategy to achieve them. These goals we can guarantee.

Short answer: Because every company is unique, we cannot guarantee anything before we analyze your current condition.

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